How much Oleocanthal?

How much Oleocanthal?

If you have come across our website and blog, you probably have heard of Oleocanthal. While we know this “Polyphenol” is amazing in so many different ways, we are all trying to find the simple answer to the not so simple question…..

How do I know how much Oleocanthal is in my olive oil?

To understand how much Oleocanthal is in your olive oil, we must first understand how we are measuring this powerful antioxidant. In the past few decades, science in olive oil has made amazing leaps. What was once only a scientific guess, has now become so accurate that it can me measured to the “milligram per kilogram” or parts per million.
This becomes a very in depth scientific analysis, and is hard to comprehend if you do not have a background in Chemistry. But for myself, an olive oil producer, not a scientist, my best analogy of this is as follows:
In the recent year, science has taught us that “Polyphenols” in High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) are why EVOO is responsibly for the amazing health benefits it contains. It is like when you were a child and your parents told you to eat vegetables because they are high in vitamins and minerals. So “polyphenols” are like the “vitamins and minerals” in your vegetables.
As we become more educated on our health and well being, we started to look for more than just foods that are high in “vitamins and minerals”, we begin to target specific vitamins or minerals, because we now have found that some are more important than others.
Just like some vitamins are more important than others in our diet, some Polyphenols are more important than others in EVOO.
Worldwide studies have found that of the 30 or so Polyphenols in EVOO, that Oleocanthal, is the one responsible for numerous health benefits. In our other blog, you can find a list of some of these studies, and links to the researchers who are discovering these amazing things that Oleocanthal is doing.
There are many ways to measure Polyphenols, and some of them are listed below:
Folin Method - Folin–Ciocâlteu reagent (FCR) - Does not measure only phenols, but will react with any reducing substance. It therefore measures the total reducing capacity of a sample, not just phenolic compounds. 1951

HPLC - High-performance liquid chromatography method was developed to quantitatively analyze oleocanthal in extra virgin olive oils. IOOC approved method. IOOC 2017 Method COI/T.20/DOC. 28/Rev.2

NMR - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to directly measure compounds such as oleocanthal and oleacein has been revolutionary in the EVOO market. Of these methods, the most accurate method is the NMR method. This is because it measures the “actual” compound, and not the compound as a derivative of something else. It is very expensive, but becoming more and more common. As we look to better our health, and utilize this natural medicine in EVOO, finding high levels of Oleocanthal.

So how much is a “High Level”?

This is the question that varies from country to country. In many clinical studies, EVOO with Oleocanthal levels over 30mg/kg are considered healthy. Certain EU health claims are looking for at least 250mg/kg of Phenols to be considered High Phenolic, but Oleocanthal is only one of many of this 250 total. The Oleocanthal society does health research with super High Oleocanthal EVOOs that contain approximately 500mg/kg of just Oleocanthal!
That being said, there is no specific answer. But here are Liokareas Olive Oil, we strive to be the best, and create the highest quality olive oil. Every year, we put ourselves up to the test to produce a better product than the year before. This year, our goal was to produce premium, high phenolic extra virgin olive oil, loaded with Oleaocanthal, with super high levels over 500mg/kg. We produced results ranging from 800mg/kg to 1400mg/kg !!
Liokareas HP EVOO contains 959mg/kg, so whether you are looking for 30/mg/kg, or 250mg/kg or over 500mg/kg, we have you covered!


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  • DeeDee

    I love how easy it is to read and understand your information on your website and will most likely be ordering some of the super high phenolic evoo. I just wanted to leave a message with a thumbs up for your explanations and also to note a typo…
    We produced results ranging from 800mg/kg to 1400mg/kg !!
    Liokareas HP EVOO contains 959mg/kg, so weather you are looking for 30/mg/kg, or 250mg/kg or over 500mg/kg, we have you covered!
    In this sentence weather should be whether. 😉
    Have a great day! Looking forward to enjoying your oil!

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