The Olives Are Always Fresh,

But the farm is old as dirt.



Antonis Liokareas, the forefather of the Liokareas Estates, acquired the first family plot of premium olive orchards and proudly nicknamed the land “Perivolatha” — Premium Orchard.” He logged in family record books, that: "The Liokareas premium orchards must be passed down to a son bearing the Liokareas name, and could not be sold, under any circumstance for 5 generations."



Fotios was taught the expert harvesting techniques from his father Antonis, and carried the tradition through the turn of the century. During that time, the family estates continued to grow. More land was acquired and thousands of Koroneiki trees were planted while Fotios passed the baton down to his son Panayiotis.



Panayiotis, son of Fotios, continued to manage and expand the business by purchasing and installing the village’s first stone press in 1935. The stones was quarried, delivered by boat, and took more than two days to roll them uphill to the Liokareas Estate. Seeking economic relief post-WWII, Panayiotis left Greece for America with his son Yiannis, leaving his other son Antonis in charge. He returned to Greece in 1970.



Emigrating to America at the age of 18 with his father, Yiannis was in search of good work and a healthy wage. His travels lead him to Pittsburgh where he took root and became a successful businessman. Although away from the farm, he continues to instill the same work ethic, knowledge and love for the land and of his family in his son Panayiotis.



Peter (yes, another Panayiotis), spent summer and winter breaks visiting Greece while a student at the University of Pittsburgh. He learned the land and the traditions of olive pressing from his Grandfather, Panayiotis. He assumed the rights to the “Perivolatha” in 2002 and now, with the help of his wife Jessica and partner Michael, continues to pick and press just as his family has for over 150 years.


Yanni & Nicholas

While family archives only mandated that the land and the business be passed down for 5 generations, Peter has no intention of surrendering the family legacy. In fact, he makes at least one “family” trip to the orchards each year. Sharing the land, language and traditions he was taught with his sons Yanni & Nicholas.

Our Story

Liokareas has been pressing the best Greek Olive Oil you can actually get your taste buds on for more than five generations. We’re real. We’re honest. And, we don’t take ourselves so seriously. But we are serious about Greek. Extra-Virgin. And Olive Oil. And yes, we are super serious about the awards we win. Awards give us validation as a company. They prove our painstaking adherence to tradition is worth the pain. And they give our customers a strong reason to believe. That the money they’re putting into our product directly correlates to the quality and enjoyment they’ll get out of it.

By only old-world means and simple hand tools, every olive in our ultra-premium organic extra virgin olive oil and first-pressed specialty oils is pampered, picked and pressed on our family-owned orchard in the foothills of Southern Kalamata Greece. Every flavor in every bottle is from the land we love. So, try it. We think you’ll taste the land — and the love — in each precious drop.