Smoked Balsamic Glaze - 250ml

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Liokareas Greek Smoked Balsamic Glaze - 250ml

  • Inspired from BBQ days under the sun, smoked balsamic glaze comes from original aged balsamic vinegar and natural flavoring.
  • Color: Original brown
  • Profile: Salty, slightly spicy, sweet and sour
  • Acidity 6%
  • Enhance anything grilled, like meat, vegetables or even fish. Taste it as a dip for French fries, glaze for omelets or sandwiches , and you will never change back to normal!

In southern Kalamata, Greece the Liokareas name - pronounced lee-oh-care-ee-us is synonymous with premium olive oil and award winning imports. For generations our family has been perfecting the art of creating some of the worlds finest vinegars. Liokareas SMOKED BALSAMIC GLAZE is created by transforming premium grape must from the Messinian valley with our famous aged balsamic vinegar. Use it to garnish your salads, roasts and vegetables, and give them an incredibly deep sweet & sour taste. Exceed the limits of taste by decorating cakes, ice cream or cocktails. Enjoy this modern variation of a traditional balsamic treat from the Liokareas Family !

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Smoked Balsamic Glaze - 250ml
Smoked Balsamic Glaze - 250ml
Smoked Balsamic Glaze - 250ml
Smoked Balsamic Glaze - 250ml