Mani Sea Salt

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Mani Sea Salt - "The white gold of Mani."

Liokareas Sea Salt is flaky and comes in a 3.3oz Glass Jar. 

About a 30 minute walk from our olive farm, down to the shore of the Mediterranean sea will take you to the region where we have harvest our all-natural sea salt.  This sea salt has no additives, it is strictly salt harvested from the rocks along the shore, dried and sifted.  Our salt is larger in size because it is not crushed or refined, this salt remains in the natural crystal state that it comes in when we collect it.  We do not bleach our salt, and we do not refine our salt.  It is 100% natural.  You will notice that there are some crystals randomly throughout that are darker in color, while the majority of them are bright white.  This is the natural random color of the salt crystals. This salt is stronger in flavor that normal table salt, a little bit goes a long way! and it is a healthier option for salt since there are no additives.


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Mani Sea Salt
Mani Sea Salt