Liokareas Strikes Gold in NYC

Liokareas Strikes  Gold in NYC

From the rocky mountain olive groves of Mani overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the humble wild olive found its way to New York City and immediately stole the hearts of the world’s most sophisticated palates. Harvested from the feral uncultivated clusters of olive trees interspersed among their more attractive and popular brethren, the wild olive and its indescribable rich taste lit up the city that never sleeps and earned itself a 2019 Gold Award and rightfully assumed its place on the official index of The World's Best Olive Oils.

The NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition is the largest olive oil quality contest and its annual listing of award winners is widely considered the most trusted guide to the year’s best extra virgin olive oils. “There are more entries from more nations than anywhere else.  For us, being a company that operates in Greece and sells our product in the US, it is the perfect venue for us. It may be one the most difficult competitions in which to win an award, and for us, it is one of the most prestigious,” said Peter Liokareas.

Harvesting our wild olives is very difficult and is done exclusively by hand and cold pressed immediately after harvesting. We simply take what Mother Nature gives us. There aren’t many trees and there aren’t many bottles, but the flavor is…wild.

Our Wild Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend has similar characteristics to our Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s slightly more robust of an oil and carries a distinct fresh aroma that is directly attributed to the unique altitude of our family farm. The Wild Cultivar Olives deliver notes of sage, green almond, dry fruit, radish along with expected olive fruitiness, green banana, green apple, chicory, and Greek herb of the Koroneiki olive. It is medium-sweet with a very strong pungency that is attributed to the higher levels of Polyphenols in the Wild Olive Cultivar.

All this fancy scientific talk simply means more benefits to our body. The more polyphenols, the more anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cardioprotective properties. Which also means that when you use our Wild Extra Virgin Olive Oil  you’re using not only the most robust and flavorful oil you can have in your kitchen, but also the healthiest. Drizzle over your pizza, dip some crusty bread in it, or dress a salad bowl of baby greens and enjoy the experience!