Early Harvest + Late Harvest Lemon + Late Harvest Orange


He's already mastered the perfect steak, seared salmon, grilled chicken and charred vegetables. How do you make perfect even better? Try a trio of our most-popular, most flavorful, award-winning Greek olive oils — they'll infuse everything with a deep, rich flavor, that adds a refreshing twist to all of his favorites dishes.


Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Limited stock. Unlimited flavor. Produced in the month prior to our traditional harvest, this unique nectar made from early, unripe fruits brings a bright, crisp bitterness and full flavor to any dish. Look for notes of grass, green leaf, green banana and a hint of pepper.

Late Harvest Lemon Oil
Tastes like nothing else, because it’s made like nowhere else. From olives and lemons grown on our family-orchard, then pressed together in the olive mill. To provide a refreshing twist to your favorites dishes. Look for olive fruitiness, lemony tartness and smooth, peppery finish.

Late Harvest Orange Oil
Like no other olive oil you’ve ever experienced. Because nobody else blends at the exact moment of pressing — with freshly picked olives and oranges married in the olive mill. Look for the complex comingling of olive fruitiness, orange jam, citrus zest, and silky, pepper finish.


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