Athina Tria Award Pack


The "Athina Tria" (Athens Three) is a selection of our most recent award-winning olive oils from the Athens International Olive Oil Competition. Not only is the Athina Tria award-winning, it also represents a full spectrum of olive oil tasting notes and unique flavor profiles.

Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Get the distinctive, bright, crisp bitterness of this unique nectar  made from early, unripe fruits and pressed in the month prior to our traditional harvest.

Late Harvest Orange Olive Oil
Made with freshly picked olives and oranges married in the olive mill. You be blown away by its subtle balance of olive fruitiness, orange jam, citrus zest, and its silky, pepper finish.

Wild Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
An olive oil so unique that it defies comparison. And so limited, we were only able to press 227 bottles this year...and one has your name on it. Produced from olives wrested from the untamed, naturally germinated trees on the outskirts of our farm, this feral oil has a rich taste and bold aroma from wild fruits and botanicals, chicory, spices and wild herbs.

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