Late Harvest Lemon Olive Oil

August 01, 2018

Late Harvest Lemon Olive Oil

My family has been harvesting and pressing some of the worlds best olive oil since the 1800's.  Through more than 5 generations, we have handed this special process down from one generation to the next.   Although my grandfather was my first mentor, there is one of my older family members, who is like second mentor to me, who has taken our evoo process to an even higher level.  He is in charge of running the press, and ensuring the the olives are processed to perfection making our premium extra virgin olive oil.   His attention to detail and continuous education has brought our product quality to a level above the rest. 

One of the most recent accomplishments we have achieved together is the mastering of the Liokareas Late Harvest Lemon oil process.  Initially when we first started doing this, it was an end of the year event, that was just for fun.  The last run of the year, we would take our harvested olives, and our organic lemons from the farm and press them together, making enough for each family member to have a few cans for personal use.  We would share with close friends and use it on special occasions. 

Over the years, word got around in our little village in southern kalamata about this amazing product, and last year we decided to bring over a small batch to the US when we introduced the Liokareas brand.  The results were amazing and the public was ecstatic about it.  After mastering the formula over the past 20 years, and perfecting just the right time-frame to create this Lemon oil, this year, in 2018, we decided to conduct the first large scale batch of the Liokareas Late Harvest Lemon Oil.   To coincide with our first batch, the Liokareas team here in the US, decided to send a sample to the 2018 19th Annual Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition.  The results were a bronze medal in the highest recognized EVOO competition in the United States.  We are very excited to release this new batch to the public, and we hope that we have made enough supply to keep our customers in stock until next winter!

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